Social Responsibility

Thappline emphasize to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, which in part can drive the organization to achieve the vision and plans as specified by the executives and all workers according to the mission to be a good example in the society. Thappline has built good relationship with the society and community through many activities as stated in the vision regarding social responsibility:


"Thappline aims to be the leading petroleum pipeline transportation company with excellent service, safety, social responsibility and environment."


Thappline has organized many CSR activities with a clear policy regarding social responsibility. The annual corporate plan aims to implement the ongoing CSR initiatives. Thappline has supported and organized many activities to build good relationship with and for the development of the community and society, aiming to become a part to improve the quality of life in the society, support the education in schools around the pipeline and terminal areas, uphold the Thai culture, nurture the religion, and use these activities to build better living of the society to become sustainable, so that the business can grow side by side with the community and the society. These activities cover many areas as follows:



* Thappline supports CSR activities related to education such as:

o Annual scholarship grant

o Activity "Knowledge Enforcement to School Students around Pipeline and Terminal Areas"

o Activity "Power of the Young Against Drugs"

o Donation of educational equipment to schools around the pipeline areas.

Religion and Charity

* Thappline is well aware that religion is the center and the pillar of people’s minds to make them become decent and ethical. Also, in order to promote the beautiful culture and social traditions, Thappline has organized many religious activities such as:

o Monk Robe Offering Ceremony, joined by the community

o Making Lent Candles/Cattle Redemption to contribute to the royal charity

o Typical social contribution activities such as donation of money, belongings, properties to charity foundations/foster homes and organizations

o Donation of equipment to government agencies


Environmental Conservation

* Thappline emphasize to participate in environmental conservation by organizing many activities such as:

o Reforestation in the national park and mangrove reforestation to preserve and prevent coastal erosion.

o Tree plantation and landscape improvement around the terminals.

o Evaluation of water quality in the terminals to meet with the standards before discharging to public waterways.

o Waste and toxic garbage management according to the standards.


Building Sustainable Relationship with Community

* The company has organized many activities to promote good relationship with the community such as:

o Pilot project "Sufficiency Economy Learning Center for Sufficiency Economy Promotion and Education in the Community"

o Thappline's bonding relations with communities around pipeline and terminal areas

o Sharing (Health Market) to community around pipeline and terminal areas

o Safe driving, with care from Thappline: Educational activity for safe driving awareness

o Seasonal activities, community visit on the New Year's occasion, Water Pouring Ceremony on Songkran Festival


Notably, Thappline CSR activities have been driven by all levels of employees, from top executives to operational officers to achieve the objectives.