Oil Terminals

oil terminals
        Thappline has two oil terminals: Lumlukka Terminal in Pathum Thani Province and Saraburi Terminal in Saohai District, Saraburi Province, both store various grades of petroleum products where Lumlukka Terminal is the secondary source to supply for the center of Bangkok and metropolitan areas, and Saraburi Terminal serves the central, northern and northeastern regions of the country.

            The oil distribution system of these two terminals was designed as such to distribute fuel with maximum efficiency; controlled by the technology that can minimize vapor releases from facilities.  Lumlukka Oil Terminal has a storage capacity of 170 million liters and can distribute oil up to 5trucks at a time. Saraburi Oil Terminal has a capacity of also 170 million liters and can distribute oil up to 12 trucks at a time and up to 14 railway tankers at a time.  Moreover, Thappline has built bio-fuel tanks to store B-100 and ethanol, together with the automatic injection and blending system to support the government policy to promote the use of gasohol 91, gasohol 95 and biodiesel.

Each drop of oil has gone through the product quality inspection and control that starts right from the refining process before being brought into the pipeline and whilst in the delivering process into the storage terminals.  Our chemists will inspect the oil quality throughout 24 hours and issue the Laboratory Test Report when the result shows that the oil quality is meeting the standards.

Thappline also installs the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) system in both terminals to control the vapor released and prevent it from dispersing into the air while distributing, which can help reduce pollution.  Not only, can Thappline's system improves efficiency on petroleum transportation, but it also reduces pollution, energy problems and helps conserve the environment.

Safety in Terminals
          Both terminals are equipped with the fire protection and control system in accordance with international standards such as fire protection equipment, fire pumps, fixed water spray and cooling system, foam suppression system, fire truck with water and foam extinguishers. Security force to control personnel and vehicles movement from entering/exiting the terminal for safety and well-being of all involved; and security patrol is conducted throughout 24 hours to gain confidence of customers and nearby communities.

            The control system and electronic devices, including the vapor recovery unit, have been designed strictly in accordance with the international standards.  Moreover, inside the terminal, the separated drainage system for wastewater and oil was installed to prevent oil leakage to the public water ways that can cause impact to environmental.