Thappline is aware that customer's satisfaction, safety, security, occupational health and environment are very important for the success of business in the long term. To accomplish Thappline's mission and values, this policy is set forth and deemed important in the business operation with the following implications:

►  Deliver high-quality products as specified by the law and to meet the customer's demand under appropriate circumstance.

► Provide reliable service up to the standards of operation efficiency with polite manner.

► Provide accurate and sufficient information about product delivery service.

► Present the truth in the news

► The quality, safety, security, occupational health and environment system is the most important policy for the company in operating business, and the outcome of this policy’s implementation will be a part of the evaluation.

► Thappline will continue to develop the system for safety, occupational health, security, and environment to be appropriate and in conformity with the provisions of laws and other relevant regulations.

► Thappline will make improvement in danger prevention by using the measure to reduce and control all levels of risk that may occur to employees and related people with continuous development.

► Thappline will support and allocate sufficient resources in terms of personnel, time, budget, and training course to employees and related people.

► Thappline has responsibility for the society and environment by continuously controlling and preventing the pollution at its source, right from the project planning stage, the implementation stage, until the final stage.

Thappline is aware of security threats and will set forth the efficient and effective controlling measure to safeguard lives and properties.